Allergy Testing

Cutting-edge diagnostic tests and lab work

Allergy Treatments

To treat inflammation, doctors must first identify and address the underlying condition.

At Allertech Laboratories we offer several cutting-edge diagnostic tests and lab work to determine where the problem is occurring to provide the best care to our patients. Once our doctors diagnose your condition, we can recommend a treatment plan to begin the recovery process.

Our advanced diagnostic services and lab work are conducted onsite, and include:

Allergy Skin Test

An allergy skin test is used to identify the substances that are causing your allergy reactions.

The allergy test is done by using a simple “scratch” technique – also known as “prick testing” – which involves a painless scratch on the surface of the skin and introducing a small amount of allergen extract to create a reaction (inducing an IgE reaction). Offending allergens produce a wheal (a raised, red area similar to a mosquito bite) in varying sizes depending on the severity of the reaction. These reactions are measured to determine which allergens a patient is most sensitive to and then utilized to create the patient’s unique Immunotherapy.

Test results are available within 15-20 minutes of testing, and reflect more sensitive allergies that may not be shown on blood tests, therefore yielding more complete results.

Patients can physically see almost immediately exactly what is triggering their allergies.  Adults and children over the age of 2 can be tested for allergies. It is especially helpful in patients with asthma, allergic pneumonia, cough, dermatitis, insect allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria, and angioedema.

At Allertech Laboratories, we offer allergy testing to diagnose and treat these common conditions.

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What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also called "Allergy shots," is a form of treatment aimed at decreasing the patient's sensitivity to substances called allergens.

It is a form of biologic therapy or biotherapy (it is also sometimes referred to as desensitization therapy, provocation neutralization) that has been studied as a solution for allergies since the early 1900s. Immunotherapy builds up the body’s tolerance to offending allergens through regular subcutaneous injections in increasing dosages of the diluted allergens. Think of it as a vaccine.

Over some time, allergy symptoms can be reduced by up to 85%.

Increasing the immune system to reactivate allergens has benefits beyond symptom relief. Immunotherapy can be a preventative treatment for chronic diseases – particularly in children who may avoid such illnesses as sinusitis, bronchitis, and even asthma if treated early enough.

Benefits of Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy presents an option that other treatment plans do not.

Immunotherapy has been shown to prevent the development of new allergies and in children; it can prevent the progression of the allergic disease from allergic rhinitis to asthma. It can also lead to the long-lasting relief of allergy symptoms after treatment is stopped.

Avoidance of allergens is not realistic for most patients, and over-the-counter and prescription medications usually include a vast collection of side effects – not to mention costs. Without Immunotherapy, patients essentially have two options: either alter their lives to avoid their allergies (which they may or may not be successful at) or commit to being on medication indefinitely. 

Most are unaware that there is another option that can permanently reduce their allergies with no side effects and without masking symptoms. Immunotherapy actually changes the way your body reacts to allergens.

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