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Enhance patient care and boost revenue for your practice

Turn-key allergy laboratory in your practice​

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Allertech Laboratories specializes in setting up full operational, turn-key allergy labs in existing medical practices. Allertech’s turn-key solutions are designed to enhance your practice by improving the quality of life for your patients while adding a new and substantial revenue stream.

Allertech trains the medical doctors on the most up-to-date procedures and therapies available in seasonal allergies, while providing a highly trained medical assistant/registered and insured nurse to perform all lab duties and administrative tasks, do all the paperwork related with the allergy testing and the immunotherapy and handle patient testing at no cost to the doctor.

If you are like us, our main concern is in offering a fully compliant allergy program, along with the highest quality allergy testing and treatment services for your patients. Our highly skilled team of specialists will train, oversee and provide guidance for you and your staff throughout the entire process. All of this is offered at no start-up cost to your clinic! We handle the stress of managing these services, as well as the overhead associated with it, while offering a program with guaranteed results.

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Assuming your clinic qualifies for our services, we will setup and provide a trained clinical lab technician, office equipment and supplies, and support your back office to complete billing cycles and help ensure your physician group receives collections. Based on our extensive experience, we have setup numerous non-intrusive implementations in doctors’ offices, and their practices have not only seen lucrative dividends, but also an increased value to their patients.

Thanks to our due diligence, we can confidently assure our clients a compliant and safe program. Please note that we have spent not only a lot of time and money detailing this model, but we have also checked and rechecked our business model through numerous attorneys and medical management companies, in an effort to remain compliant with the most recent Federal and state guidelines, which is something I can assure you is not being addressed by similar companies.

For more information on our turn-key service, please call Allertech Laboratories now at 1-800-284-5420 or contact us.

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Partnering with Allertech Laboratories


Expand your services and bring relief to your allergy-suffering community.


Allertech Laboratories is a Medical Services company specializing in setting up fully operational turn-key allergy testing and treatment therapy labs.


Allertech Laboratories is a highly selective, compliant opportunity for physicians that qualify for this unique partnership.


Enhance patient care and boost revenue for your practice.


Keep your patients in-house maintaining a more complete continuity of care resulting in more favorable patient outcomes.


We supply all your needs from testing to treatment. All performed within your practice. We retained co-counsel in every state to maintain our compliance and to provide you with the most up to date changes in your state


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Allergy Testing

In order to treat inflammation, doctors must first identify and address the underlying condition.


Immunotherapy, also called “Allergy shots,” is a form of treatment aimed at decreasing the patient’s sensitivity to substances called allergens.

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